Friday, August 8, 2008

九ばん - I like Bing Lee

Cant think of anything interesting to write at the moment, hence the random title. Also it should be noted the original tune in the Bing Lee add is based on is a Monty Python song call 'I like Chinese'. This original song is funny but the fact Bing Lee decided to use it as their tune is even funnier!

Lets go for some adjectives then:

からい Hot, Spicy
あまい Sweet
しずか Quiet
にかい Lively
ひま Free (not busy)

And a couple of verbs:

あげる - Give, plus many other notions of release which I cant be bothered listing
もらう - To receive, accept, take, get somebody to do something

Now of course come the sentences...


Living in Randwick is convenient because it is close to work.

Damn I've been stalling on this post for a while now, so some more adjectives and......POST.

ゆうめい - Famous
じょうず - Skillful
しんせつ - Kindness
かんたん - Easy
おそい - slow/late
へた - unskillful/poor awkward
すてき - Stylish, cool, lovely, dreamy, superb
おもい - Felling desire, emotion, wish

Ok next post will be the sentence one just gotta get this out of my damn drafts!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

八ばん - A snowball of Variety.

What is a Snowball of Variety? This is my new analogy for learning Japanese. This snowball of variety can only keep growing if it is has a continuous supply of variety to accumulate as it rolls along. So as it get bigger it will require even more amounts of variety to grow. More audio, more text more people to speak with, more sentences for Khatzumemo. Pretty obvious really but I needed something to write so I can look back and laugh later on.

No vocab list this time just a nice story about: