Sunday, August 23, 2009

二十二番 - 日頃の行いの反対は何??


JReK lets you search for Japanese words and see how they are used in context within sentences on the web.
This awesome person decided to rebuild rikaichan without English glosses. One more step away from English and I still get the ability to quickly see kanji readings. Awesome!

Funny drama about 5 guys that end up in an all girls school... sigh.. if only.

Takano Landscape Planning

The firm I will be doing an internship with. I will be studying this site a lot in the coming months!

Well the short more frequent post idea didn't happen but hey there's just to many other interesting things going on! So looks like I will just stick to short infrequent posts hehe...

And finally a beautiful statement from
松尾芭蕉 :