Sunday, December 19, 2010

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Friday, November 12, 2010



Progress with goals:

1.Sell Something.. So far just an idea for a mini note book designed for language learners..

2.Meet 3 influential designers.. So far got one name for the list: 東 信 (azuma makoto)

3. Link blog, twitter and facebook... done! But need to explore the usefulness of Twitter more.

4. Fix up previous blog posts.. done!

5. Yoga.. No progress. I really hope one of my flat mates up north likes Yoga and can help motivate me.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

What has been and what will be

I`ve neglected this blog for a few months now and I think it is basically because I am doing so much Japanese (at work and study) that I have lost the motivation to spend time to write a post in Japanese. So I'm taking a break in English to catch up on what I`ve done so far and some future goals.

So since I have been living in Japan I have worked as

Landscape Architect Intern, Obihiro, Hokkaido

Lodge Assistant, Hakuba, Nagano-Ken

Landscape Gardener, Kumamoto, Kyushu

My next job starting in three weeks is as an apartment manager in Niseko, Hokkaido, for the winter season. I'm accumulating a variety of experiences and contacts throughout Japan and as my Japanese improves it is easier to find more opportunities. But where is this all leading? Not really sure at the moment so thought it might be time to set some more goals for my time in Japan.

1. Sell something.. not sure what but seems like a fun thing to try...drugs? hehe
2. Meet three influential Japanese designers.
3. Link my blog, portfolio website and twitter and Join communities.
4. Fix up my last couple of half finished posts.
5. Practice more Yoga and meditation (mini goal: Be able to touch the ground with the palms of my hand while standing with legs straight by end of year.)

Long Term goal: Take the test to Join the Japanese Association of Landscape Architects. I'm estimating this will require about another 3 years study and design experience.

Basically up until now this blog has just been a basic record of my improvements in Japanese. It is time to change course a bit and integrate my Interests in Design, Language, Technology etc together so I can grow some new ideas.

So the new direction has been set and I'm excited about all the possibilities that lay ahead!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Golden Week

GW 4月29日―5月6日

早起きて窓の外に見ると一面白を目前しびっくりした!また雪が降っちゃった! GWの天気はずっと寒いかなぁと思った。

30日 小樽

1-5日 札幌



Monday, April 26, 2010




その後3年間のうち、一年間はインターネットの会社で働き、2年間は大学でITを勉強しましたがITよりもデザインをやりたくて、2003年University of Canberraに入学し、ランドスケープアーキテクチャを勉強しながらNational Capital Authority(都市計画機関)でアルバイトの仕事をしていました。大学を卒業してからはNCAで社員として働き、2007からシドニーのランドスケープアーキテクチャ会社でランドスケープアーキテクトとして働いていました。



私のポートフォリオウェブサイト でレジュメとプロジェクト例があります。九州に戻るとランドスケープアーキテクチャに携わりたいので可能性があれば一所懸命がんばります。


Monday, March 29, 2010


今月は早い!音更に来てから毎日沢山学んでいる。日本語とかTLPの設計方法とか北海道の歴史などなど。これまで一番興味のあることは共働学舎(キョドウガクシャ)という酪農場のプロジェクト。このプロジェクトはスタートから参加しTLPのダイナミックなデザインプロセスを学んでいる。共働学舎の代表は農場の未来のためにマスタープランを作りたいようである。最初のステージは共働学舎でワークショップを行い、スタッフとマスタープランについて議論した。 ワークショップで以下の問題を提出した:

1. 共働学舎の誇りに思えるところ
2. 共働学舎の課題点、改善すべきこと
3. 共働学舎これから取り組みたいこと






Monday, February 8, 2010

二十五番 - 三週間過ごした

今横浜のインターネット カフェでブログを更新している。この3週間は楽しかったよ!いろいろな所に行って人と出会って沢山美味しい物を食べた。さらに毎日新しい単語を学んで日本語がぐんぐん上達している。

Things I`ve learnt not to do in Japan:

- Leave wallet with 100km of where I`m staying and forget about it...doh.
- Keep putting coins in to pay for the bus thinking it will show me when the correct change has been put in (only did this once).
- Think that there will ever be a door way I don`t have to duck for.
- Try and navigate though a forest with no map and direction signs only in Kanji. Really this isn`t a good idea even if the signs were in English.
- Leave my bag (containing passport, phone, and most of my money) in a car then go to catch a flight within 15min until departure. Somehow I got on the plane with my bag with about 30 seconds to spare.

I think I am becoming even more absentminded than usual due to trying to speak / understand Japanese constantly. So now I'm trying to spend a bit more time thinking about importent things like where my bag and wallet are as well as going over past conversations and thinking about what I may want to say next. Anyway I know with time the need to prepare my words will diminish and I will be able to react more quickly.

Cool things I didn`t know I could do before I arrived:

- Go to an Internet cafe not only to use the Internet but also order some food, get free drinks, take a shower and choose from a billion different manga to read.

- Most people are easily impressed if I eat whatever they suggest and drink a lot without getting easily drunk.

- Get semi lost in a forest trying to get to a look out with no food or drink to discover 4 vending machines at the look out. Ahh I have never been so happy at Japan`s ridiculous amount of vending machines.

- Practice Japanese for hours on end with religious types by pretending I'm really interested in their religion.

- Japanese subtitles on 90% of TV shows, study has never been so easy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

二十四番 - 旅路


旅 - ケツメイシ

手荷物一つ 遅刻しとく もう誰も居ねえ 一人もいいね
行く先当てなしだし 道あみ出し この地に足つけて まずは歩こう
生きてる見てる感じてること それこそが俺の愛してること
土地土地の音と風に抱かれ その土地土地の人と出会い分かれ
今日は何処行こう そう とぼけていこう 片道だが また道引き返そう
でも頂上へ上昇する花火だから 路上で往生するわけにいかん
昨日が今日へと変わる瞬間 毎日大事旅の始まりさ


Yeah Im being kinda lazy but that part of the song sums up the fun of travel better than anything I could write. So here I am 2 years on from when I first started learning Japanese with only a few hours left before I move to Japan. I still have so much to learn and I intend to have as fun much as possible learning it! :D

The seems like a good time to reflect back on the last two years and think about what I would do differently when starting out in a new language:

- Not use any text books, rather use native speakers children’s materials.
- Have a set character limit of sentences I copy into Anki. My stubborn persistence with long overly complicated sentences really slowed me down.
- More effort to sample a greater variety of material made for native speakers. There is definitely a need for a massive turn over and sampling of new materials to make sure there is constant access to interesting stuff that will keep the motivation up.
- Learn more simple songs! They are the best learning device ever.

Well that will do it for now, hopefully more interesting posts once I reach Japan. Oh and for the record my Anki deck currently stands at 1950 cards... Didn't quite reach the 2g mark before I have to leave! :D