Friday, May 1, 2009

十七番 -Avoiding boredom

Progress is still continuing steadily however I have felt my first pangs of SRS boredom. This must be avoided at all costs! Ive been thinking about why I am feeling this and have concluded that I am spending to much time on looking for sentences. While this is such a fast way to get sentences for Anki, I'm losing a bit of motivation because it is such a mechanical process. Im going to keep doing it but break it up with a new project aimed at giving something back rather than just continuosly using other peoples work.

And so begins... 秒速5センチメートルのスクリプト

I love this movie and cant find a script of it anywhere so the heck with, I'll write my own! Not sure how long this is gonna take me, but I'll format it all nicely in a word doc and post it up for others to use.

And now for a lil' bit of 日本語


仕事が終わってから奈央子さんのパーティに行った。そのパーティはイタリアのレストランで行われて皆さんにった。食べ物と雰囲気すごく良かったな!その後たちはTattersals Clubに行ってカクテルを飲んだ。夜は楽しかった!