Monday, January 11, 2010

二十四番 - 旅路


旅 - ケツメイシ

手荷物一つ 遅刻しとく もう誰も居ねえ 一人もいいね
行く先当てなしだし 道あみ出し この地に足つけて まずは歩こう
生きてる見てる感じてること それこそが俺の愛してること
土地土地の音と風に抱かれ その土地土地の人と出会い分かれ
今日は何処行こう そう とぼけていこう 片道だが また道引き返そう
でも頂上へ上昇する花火だから 路上で往生するわけにいかん
昨日が今日へと変わる瞬間 毎日大事旅の始まりさ


Yeah Im being kinda lazy but that part of the song sums up the fun of travel better than anything I could write. So here I am 2 years on from when I first started learning Japanese with only a few hours left before I move to Japan. I still have so much to learn and I intend to have as fun much as possible learning it! :D

The seems like a good time to reflect back on the last two years and think about what I would do differently when starting out in a new language:

- Not use any text books, rather use native speakers children’s materials.
- Have a set character limit of sentences I copy into Anki. My stubborn persistence with long overly complicated sentences really slowed me down.
- More effort to sample a greater variety of material made for native speakers. There is definitely a need for a massive turn over and sampling of new materials to make sure there is constant access to interesting stuff that will keep the motivation up.
- Learn more simple songs! They are the best learning device ever.

Well that will do it for now, hopefully more interesting posts once I reach Japan. Oh and for the record my Anki deck currently stands at 1950 cards... Didn't quite reach the 2g mark before I have to leave! :D