Saturday, April 18, 2009

十六番 ー 何????????????

Not much to say I think, just an update to try and keep some record of my progress.
Have focused solely on using Anki for SRS after finding the site Awesome site with a huge range of 例文 which usually have accompanying audio!

My deck is up to about 180 card so far and progress as usual is not going as well as planned. I can thank ridiculous work hours for that, but hey thats life. Hopefully next month will yield better results!

Aside from the SRS I have managed to find another person for langauge exchange and hopefully more in the coming months.

So the game plan has been changing as expected. Basically just to find ways to be as efficient as possible. e.g using scripts and text that is copy and pasteable into Anki. The whole mp3split thing seems like it may be to time consuming to be worthwhile , need to still play with it more though.

hmmm.. what a boring post, how can I make this more exciting...何もないで。。:p