Friday, October 24, 2008

十二番 -六百漢字!

Almost a month since my last post so thought this would be a good milestone to track my progress. That's right: 六百漢字...すばらしい! For a while around the 300-400 range I felt a bit bogged down with kanji and was wondering how I would manage with so many to go. However with a few good review sessions and implementing Anki into my reviewing all came good and now I'm speeding through Heisig keeping an average of 85% correct recall when reviewing!

Also I'm now using my Kanji Poster to track my progress through heisig which is great motivation to see how many I've got through. I should of started this earlier!

Thought I would leave the hat in the Image to make it a bit more interesting!

So everything is still progressing well, although speaking isn't getting very far due to the large amounts of time spent on Heisig. 日本語がわかるようになってきたでもあまり話せない。...忍耐...

No new vocab but need to type up part of this letter I have been drafting to send to a long lost Japanese exchange student that once stayed with my family...



That will do for now... Oh one more thing, I finally got the Simpsons in 日本語!!
Yeah it doesn't seem like a big deal but after ordering Season 10 from and finding it was only the English version (ばか...) I was a bit nervous this one would be the same! Fortunately this was not the case so now I have complete season 5 and many hours to laugh at how the Simpsons humor gets translated in 日本語.