Friday, June 19, 2009

十九番  Never ending cool things

So things are still progressing and as the title suggests my aim is just to keep a list of never ending cool things to watch/listen/read in Japanese. As soon as I start running a bit dry or find myself repeating the same thing to much I can feel my interest dip slightly. I am definitely finding the more random cool stuff I have at my disposal the easier it is to learn. So some new cool stuff I have come by:

キル・ビル Vol.1
キル・ビル Vol.2
Not the most dialogue packed movie but still great!
Name says it all! This is a great way to get into reading the news!

Celeb to Binbo (J-DRAMA)
I thought this was b
e gonna be to cheesy a first but ended up watching all 12 episodes quite quickly. Full Japanese Subs from D-addicts also.

And here are some motivational quotes with completely non related hyper links just to add to the random fun of this post:


"お前 それじゃ バッター ボックスに 立ってんのに1回も振ってねえのと一緒だぞ。空振りしてもいいから思いっきり振ってかねえと。 なっ.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

十八番 -Finding the Balance

Recently Ive found myself quite busy with various project on the go aside from my Job and 日本語。 This has led to a continual struggle to find an appropriate balance of all the interests in my life. I'm not going to sit here and whine about how I have to much stuff to do, I just want to keep a record of my high intensity and low intensity periods of learning.

My Anki deck count is 484 cards, no where near my initial goal of adding 30 cards a day. Nevertheless I have been diligent in using what free time I have. And now I'm starting to have more free time I will try and ramp things up a notch!

Currently Sub2srs is my favourite tool for sentences.

With Sub2srs I first visit D-addicts Japenese subtitle list find and interesting drama. If I like it I will rip the audio and split it into 3 min segments for my mp3 player then another batch split using the sub timing. I then watch the drama again with anki, the subtitle text file and the list of audio clips open and grab what sentences I like as I watch and copy them into Anki. I prefer this than having to create a whole new deck or adding in potentially 100's of shit cards from the sub2srs rip.

Well that will do for now...

Oh and 秒速5センチメートルスクリプト continues very slowy. Bout 5 min in so far :D..