Monday, February 8, 2010

二十五番 - 三週間過ごした

今横浜のインターネット カフェでブログを更新している。この3週間は楽しかったよ!いろいろな所に行って人と出会って沢山美味しい物を食べた。さらに毎日新しい単語を学んで日本語がぐんぐん上達している。

Things I`ve learnt not to do in Japan:

- Leave wallet with 100km of where I`m staying and forget about it...doh.
- Keep putting coins in to pay for the bus thinking it will show me when the correct change has been put in (only did this once).
- Think that there will ever be a door way I don`t have to duck for.
- Try and navigate though a forest with no map and direction signs only in Kanji. Really this isn`t a good idea even if the signs were in English.
- Leave my bag (containing passport, phone, and most of my money) in a car then go to catch a flight within 15min until departure. Somehow I got on the plane with my bag with about 30 seconds to spare.

I think I am becoming even more absentminded than usual due to trying to speak / understand Japanese constantly. So now I'm trying to spend a bit more time thinking about importent things like where my bag and wallet are as well as going over past conversations and thinking about what I may want to say next. Anyway I know with time the need to prepare my words will diminish and I will be able to react more quickly.

Cool things I didn`t know I could do before I arrived:

- Go to an Internet cafe not only to use the Internet but also order some food, get free drinks, take a shower and choose from a billion different manga to read.

- Most people are easily impressed if I eat whatever they suggest and drink a lot without getting easily drunk.

- Get semi lost in a forest trying to get to a look out with no food or drink to discover 4 vending machines at the look out. Ahh I have never been so happy at Japan`s ridiculous amount of vending machines.

- Practice Japanese for hours on end with religious types by pretending I'm really interested in their religion.

- Japanese subtitles on 90% of TV shows, study has never been so easy!