Saturday, September 27, 2008

十一ばん -Transition and streamlining

So here I am 8 months in and thing are going pretty well. Still there is room for improvement, hence the title. Now I have finished my classes I can make the full transition to my preferred learning methods and continue to make my way through heisig. I few things that I have been doing need to be changed to allow better efficiency for learning:

1. No full translation of sentences to English, only translation of key words if needed.

2. Implementing Anki (srs program) into Kanji learning as well as the review process at This will ensure more constant exposure and hopefully prevent too many 'failed' cards piling up in my review stack.

3. Attendance to fortnightly langauge exchange meetup group to make help my confidence in conversation and continue to exapnd my vocabulary.

So these are the main goals to help my study now. I feel im getting to a point where my learning environment is just right for me, just a little more tweaking! :D

A few more words now:

おしえる -To teach, inform, instruct
たとえば -For example
ちがう -To vary, be different
じんせい -Human life、

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

十ばん - 300 and rising!

Another unstructered post full of random verbs and a couple of sentences...why? Becasue heisig calls! Just passed the 300 mark and feeling good. I will have my last japanese class next week and then full steam ahead with the Kanji. My conversation may not progress for a while but it has to be done!

とる - to take
ねる - to sleep
- To write
かす - To lend
つく - to turn on, to be lit, to catch fire
けす- To turn off, to erase, to delete, to cross out, to extiunguish
もち - To Hold, charge, keep possesion
あく - to open to, to be free, to be vacant
しめ - enclosure or end mark
とる- to take up, to pick up, to harvest
かつぐ - to carry on shoulders

しゃしん - Photograph
おみこし - Portable Shrine
はなび - Fireworks
ゆき - Snow
しあい - Game/match

こっち - Close to this side / close to me/you
あっち - Other side/far/yonder


I lent my camera to my friend and he took a photo.


I lent my camera to my friend so he could take a photo.


Shall I turn on the light


No its to birght pleas turn them all off.