Friday, January 2, 2009

十四番 - 一ヶ月 残る

Well what a month of setbacks, both good and bad! Still I have now made it to 1500 leaving 1 month to achieve my goal of finishing Heisig Vol 1 before I go to Japan. Only made it through 400 the last month due to holidays (the good), sickness and working overtime (the bad). But enough excuses, I will prevail!
Oh and another interesting point I found out over the last month: Don't use noise cancelling head phones to listen to Japanese at work, it may really piss of your boss! hehe. No I didn't lose my Job but not sure if / when I will be able to use head phones at work again.

So to keep with the current trend another great Kanji poster pic: 1500 Wohoooo :D

And finally some Japanese ripped from one of my favourite animes: 秒速5センチメートル




えっ 何?






---------------------------------> fin.